Følg os her


Her på vores blog vil vi skrive om ting vi gerne vil dele med jer. Måske skriver vi selv, eller giver andre ordet. Nogle gange er det sjovt at høre historien fortalt af andre end bare os selv.


Her kommer lidt billeder og tekst fra en af vores producenter fra årets høst. Med hest !

Dear friends , 

I just wanted to share with you part of our 2019 vintage at the Quinta Dona Mafalda and how we did it ! 
Yes this year we tried for the first time the mix of the “modern” machines we have with the “old fashion” . Our friend Piston ( the horse) did a great job ! He went along where we could not pass with the car and reduced what we had to transport manually ! thank you to him !!! 
Because I was afraid you would not believe that this was done a few moths ago and not in the forties , some of the photos are in color and not black and white !!! 
We want to keep our relation with our mother nature Earth as smooth as possible . For this we are classified sustainable . Using Piston ( the horse !!) we had really great time and fun and also a substantial reduction in CO2 during the few days he helped us !!!!

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